What is...the new Voices in IR Book Series?

Show notes

This episode introduces the new EISA "Voices in International Relations" book series, published with Oxford University Press (OUP). Professor Debbie Lisle (Queen's University Belfast), and series editor of the EISA/OUP book series talks us through EISA´s new initiative that seeks to further the contours of IR by going beyond the conventional boundaries of the field. In conversation with our new host, Polly Pallister-Wilkins (University of Amsterdam), Debbie Lisle elucidates the new book series´ mission to foster innovative scholarship that not only broadens discussions on key IR debates but also reimagines and challenges the discipline itself. Bridging gaps with sociology, history, anthropology, geography, economics, political theory, and law, "Voices in International Relations" is also committed to furthering diversity and inclusion in terms of authorship, location, topics and approaches from both inside and outside Europe. But there's more: Debbie Lisle shares the hidden gems of academic book publishing. Uncovering the academic book publishing process - from crafting a compelling book proposal to writing an original introduction - this episode uncovers the key elements that make academic book proposals truly stand out amid tough competition. Join us in this episode on the importance of thinking beyond the ordinary in academic book publishing.

Professor Debbie Lisle

Lisle, Debbie (2016): Holidays in the Danger Zone. Entanglements of War and Tourism. University of Minnesota Press.

EISA-OUP Voices in International Relations Book Series

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